About Us

We are a team of technologists from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with a background in robotics, cameras, and software engineering.

Vai Viswanathan Headshot

Vai Viswanathan, CTO

Vai has a background in software engineering, hardware engineering, and project management in the robotics industry. He has led computer vision and software engineering projects, while at his company Zenith Robotics Inc. and with Team Explorer in DARPA’s SubTerranean Challenge. He is graduating from CMU’s Robotics Institute with a Master’s in Robotics in May 2020 and is an alumnus of Harvey Mudd College’s Engineering program.
Max Henkart Headshot

Max Henkart, CEO

Max has a background in B2B sales management, project management, and applications engineering in the camera manufacturing industry. While helping triple Sunex’s annual revenue, he led the commercialization of dozens of camera hardware projects across video-conferencing, autonomous vehicle, and VR-360 industries. He is an alumnus of CMU’s Tepper MBA program and The University of Rochester’s Optical Engineering program.

Contact Information

+1 (760) 274-4862
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213