Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate Parking Technology

Rich Parking Intelligence.

We help you re-purpose and monetize the excess capacity of your multi-family parking assets. Our occupancy detection and bad actor detection technology is compatible with all existing parking structures.

Gain Situational Awareness without Infrastructure Upgrades

Optimize Your Parking

We use wire-free camera technology to give you the insights into usage of existing parking. This allows you to make informed decisions about how to accelerate returns from your parking asset and to directly monetize excess capacity.


Sell Excess Capacity
Provide Tenant Amenities

Commercial RE

Increase Parking Ratio
Re-Purpose Spaces


Re-Purpose Spaces
Reduce Operational Expenses

Future Proof your Return on Investment with Dynamic Allocation

Intelligently Understand and Utilize Parking

Services and Solutions

For Property Owners, Managers, and Developers

Sparkline provides an easy-to-install smart parking solution which was originally designed for multi-family parking assets. Our solutions enable property owner/operators to:

  • Dynamically monetize tenant guest parking.
  • Sell day-time monthly parking leases to local businesses.
  • Sell daily and overnight parking leases to non-residents.
  • Understand parking utilization trends.
  • Know whose vehicles are in your garage.
  • Determine how many Electric Vehicles are in your building.
  • Identify vehicles which have been abandoned.
  • Notification of non-tenant vehicle entry.
  • Automated ticketing and towing services.
  • Dynamically provide more Tenant Guest Parking.
  • Re-purpose areas for storage and package pick-up.
  • Add Electric Vehicle charging stations.
  • Deploy parking-garage wide surveillance.
  • Enable touchless parking garage access control.
  • File variances with municipalities more effectively.
  • Gain access to nearby parking to increase parking ratios.
Searching for Parking

For Parking Finder Apps and Consumers

Sparkline provides access to parking which has been off-limits to the public, until now. We make these spaces available to tenant guests, local businesses, and consumers through partnerships with mainstream parking finder app companies.
  • Easily park in local apartment buildings.
  • Gain access to locations without parking payment terminals.
  • Charge your EV in a secure location.
  • Save on parking with tenant approved discounts.
  • Park closer to save time and avoid all-weather conditions.
  • Access parking lots without a beacon or ticket.
  • Use your favorite existing parking finder application.

Advanced Technology

Artificial Intelligence meets Real Estate Parking

Sparkline provides a vertically integrated solution for parking asset owners. Our technology combines predictive Parking Analytics with Automatic Ticketing/Towing, and Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCs). The systems are:
  • Backwards compatible with existing parking garage infrastructure.
  • Wire-free without the need for ethernet or tapped power.
  • Multi-functional with integrated surveillance capabilities.
  • Compatible with certain already-in-place surveillance cameras.
Combined, these features result in an accretive solution with minimal CAPEX. Please contact us for more information about the technology.
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